26th Feb 2019

Coffee Enemas After Antibiotics

Antibiotics and Coffee Enemas

Do Coffee Enemas Help Remove Antibiotics From the Body?

We had a customer tell us her story about side effects she had after using antibiotics and how coffee enemas removed her migraine headaches.

She had been diagnosed with a UTI caused by E coli. Now this type of UTi is different than others and usually doesn't respond well to natural therapies. Regular UTIS without E-Coli can often be treated using only cranberry juice.

Because her pain was so severe, she decided to take antibiotics. They gave her the most powerful, which is called Ciprofloxin. She was nervous about taking it since she never uses antibiotics. She read about the side effects reported, and it was scary.

During her 10 days of antibiotic use, she experience strange sensations in her head, and some anxiety and stiffness. After taking it for the full amount of time needed, she went off of it. But then she began having regular headaches. Her head felt full and pressured. There was pain behind her eyes as well.

She decided to do a coffee enema. After just 1 coffee enema, she reported the headache, pressure and stiffness was gone. She continued doing the coffee enemas for another 5 days to clear her liver and blood. She felt very fortunate to know about coffee enemas.