Posted by S. E on 5th Aug 2019

Detoxing With Skin Brushing

Skin brushing has been known to be one of the greatest ways to bathe your skin and internal body of toxins.  The skin is the largest breathing organ of your body, and can remove internal toxins through the skins pores.  

Skin brushing is a light peeling away of the top layer of the skin.  Once peeled away, your body is able to eliminate uric acid crystals and other detrimental acids from the body.   Your skin is designed to eliminate 2 lbs of of waste every day, and you should be eliminating it.  Especially now, since our environment is so contaminated.  

What adds to the toxicity of the skin is that when you are wearing clothes, and you have not brushed your skin, you will in a way be suffocating yourself in toxins that should be eliminated.  

Scrubbing the skin with a skin brush and peeling away that top layer is a simple protocol that you can do anywhere, since you will be using a dry skin brush.  Use a natural bristle brush and not a nylon bristle brush.   Brush yourself in the morning upon rising and before you dress or bathe.  You can sweep your self in any direction everywhere, but not the face.   Use a facial scrub for your face.

Keep the skin invigorated and alive, because it is alive.   And when you are doing coffee enemas, skin brushing can really help in eliminating toxins and microtoxins that the coffee enema is releasing.