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Do I Need Other Supplements When Doing Coffee Enemas?

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Can I Benefit From Additional Supplements To Support My Coffee Enema Regime?

The answer is :   Yes!

Drinking (3) - 8 oz glasses of fresh organic juice for every coffee enema is important when doing coffee enemas (that is1 juice 3x a day). But because our earths soil is now depleted of nutrients, it is often a good idea to use a good mineral supplement as well. Why? Because when you do coffee enemas, minerals and electrolytes can become depleted.

Another good supplement when doing coffee enemas, that Gerson Therapy recommends, is potassium compound salts. Potassium compound salts are a mixture of 3 essential potassiums .


1) Potassium can be added to your juices as a nutritional supplement. It aids in balancing the electrolytes and minerals.

Also, Dr. Gerson found that the basic problem in all chronic degenerative diseases is the loss of potassium from, and the penetration of sodium into the cells, now known as the tissue damage syndrome. The average diet in most countries, especially the developed world, contains far too much salt, which eventually causes the breakdown of the healthy balance within the body.

2) Potassium can be added to your coffee enema solutions, if you experience stomach cramping during coffee enemas, or are having a difficult time holding the coffee enema in. Sometimes the colon will have mild spasms when the enema coffee goes in. Adding potassium to your coffee enema, helps soothe the colon and quiet it down, enabling you to hold the enema coffee in longer. Ask your healthcare practitioner for instructions how to use the potassium compound properly. We are not medical doctors and cannot give you medical advice.

There are 20 teaspoons in 1 bottle (100 grams) of potassium.

3) Probiotic Powder or our Wildflower Probiotic Liquid. After a coffee enema, it's the perfect time to introduce good bacteria into your colon and intestines. Because coffee enemas help to remove the bad bacteria from the body, replenishing with probiotics can aid in increasing good gut flora, intestinal health and healing.

Disclaimer: Always see a naturopath or doctor before doing enemas or taking supplements.