Posted by anonymous woman on 3rd Oct 2018


Intestinal inflammation and/or GERDS is a very painful ordeal to go through.   It doesn't happen for no reason. There is a cause.  A person with GERDS must find out what is causing the acid in the stomach and intestines. 

My experience was this:  I was able to eat just about anything, as well as drink coffee.  But suddenly, one day, I had incredible burning in my stomach.  I went to the doctor and she happened to be both an MD and naturaopth and understood the importance of right diet. 

She told me it was GERDS and to give up all animal products, dairy, fats and oils.   As well as sugar and processed foods, and coffee were a no-no.  These are all acidic forming foods.

I had not eaten for days.  I could only drink juices and thats it.   

She recommended to drink Aloe Vera juice to soothe and help heal my stomach lining.  She said I could take acid blockers from the drug store if I wanted, but Aloe Vera juice might do as well.

I did have to take the acid blockers a few days, but mostly just lived off of aloe vera juice and gel.  It helped.

After 2 weeks of fasting on juices and taking a few acid blockers, my burning went away.  But it would not stay away .

It would return if I started eating the old diet and junk food.    I realized at that point my life would never be the same. I would have to be disciplined and do as my body only non acid foods, that were soft. Like rice, oatmeal and steamed veggies.  I could not longer eat the wheat products, breads, corn products, etc.   I found out I had actually developed an allergy to them as well.

So the good news is that those with GERDS can keep it under control, through right diet.  And don't allow yourself to get stressed this can cause a flare up.