Posted by UK on 5th Aug 2019

Heavy Metal Poisoning - Can Coffee Enemas Help?

Heavy metal poisoning is happening at an alarming rate.  You may not even realise you have heavy metals in your body.   There are tests you can do to find out.  And if you do have heavy metals, as most people do these days, then you can remove it naturally with coffee enemas.  

A word of advice about lead poisoning:  if you know you have lead in your body you must be careful when doing coffee enemas and detoxing, as you dont want the lead to come out too quickly or all at once.  Always seek the advice of your health care practitioner before doing coffee enemas for metal detoxing.

 Heavy metals include lead, mercury aluminum, cadmium, and much more. Fortunately, enemas can help in the cleansing of these toxins. Coffee enemas have been used as well to remove lead and metals from the liver.


Heavy metals come from the air, water, and soil, as well as working in certain fields and factories.

Benefits of Coffee Enemas On Heavy Metals

The benefits of coffee enemas can be amazing. More and more doctors are prescribing them because it has such a powerful effect on the liver and colon, and in removing the underlying heavy metals which cause serious illness. 

  • Heavy metal toxicity has been reported to be a culprit behind Alzheimer's Disease, neurological problems, and much more. Lead can come from many sources including pesticides and certain cookware. Cigarette smoke also contains cadmium and lead.

A blood analysis of the red blood cells can be done to detect the levels of these metals. It is within the cell that the toxic metals reside and build up. And this is where the problem begins. Signs of heavy metal poisoning are not always apparent, or are not diagnosed correctly. Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning may begin as fatigue, headaches, pain in the muscles, indigestion, tremors, constipation, anemia. Mild toxicity symptoms include impaired memory and distorted thinking ability. Severe toxicity can lead to death.