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How Does A Wheatgrass Enema Differ From A Coffee Enema?

Posted by Susan on

Both wheatgrass and coffee enemas help to detoxify the liver and blood.  But Coffee Enemas will do a much better job at detoxifying the liver because it has caffeine which opens the bile ducts so well.  

If you feel your liver and blood are very toxic, then coffee enemas win hands down.

But wheatgrass will detoxify the liver somewhat.  And for those who are highly sensitive to caffeine, and cannot do coffee enemas, then wheatgrass has been their chosen alternative for detoxifying the liver and blood.

What a coffee enema cannot do is introduce the nutrients and amino acids that wheatgrass does.  Coffee has no nutrients to add to the blood . But wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins and nutrients, which replenishes a body lacking in nutrients.  

Wheatgrass enemas are very easy to do.  You do not have to boil it on a stove like coffee.  You simply add 1/4 or 1/2 tsp into your enema bucket water, and stir.  That's it. You are ready!