Posted by Mary C on 27th Jun 2019

How Often Should I Do A Coffee Enema?

Coffee enemas are a rather personal thing.  Many wonder how many they should be doing.  And the answer is dependent on many variables.

If you feel healthy and your liver does not hurt, and you have no headaches or tiredness, then people usually

only do maintenance enemas 1x or 2 x a month. They do this to remove toxins which are present in the body, but that the liver is doing its work well, so only periodical coffee enemas would be needed to make sure the bile ducts in the liver are open and any toxins being stored are released.

If you are feeling tired, and not your usual self, it could mean that you have an overload of toxins in the liver and blood, and colon, and people will then do 1 coffee enema a day until they feel better.  And then do a maintenance coffee enema after of 1x or 2 x a month.

If you have ingested something toxic, or been exposed to something toxic, like gases, or contaminated food, etc, then people do coffee enemas until they feel better.  And they will do one a day for as many days as they feel, until they feel better.

Those will illnesses will be on a program and will do 1 a day continuously, and those with cancer have been on programs of up to 7 coffee enemas a day.  

And remember that juicing and drinking 3- 8 oz green and fruit juices for every coffee enema is the key to wellness.

Coffee enemas alone without good nutrition will be detrimental.