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I Can't Hold the Coffee Enema In

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Holding a coffee enema in for the required 15 minutes can often be most challenging.  Some have no problems at all.  So why would you have problems holding it in?  There are a few reasons.  

1) The coffee is too strong. Try to dilute it a little

2) You are letting the flow of the coffee in too fast.   Try slowing it down, gradually allowing a little more in, then clamp the tubing shut. Wait. Then open the clamp and allow a little more in at a time.

3) Lower the bucket so the flow is not so fast.

4) Intestinal spasms created by the coffee, makes the body want to push the coffee back out.  Relieve spasms by massaging your abdomen a little.  Do some deep breathing.  Add some chamomile tea into the coffee enema solution. Chamomile tea will relax the intestines.   Try adding a teaspoon or two of potassium compound salts into the coffee solution.  Potassium will also relieve spasms.

5) Maybe you need to empty and clear your colon of feces before the coffee enema. So do a water enema before the coffee enema and clear the colon.

6). You may have diverticulosis, where gas can be trapped in the pocket.  The gas, combined with the coffee, can cause the body to want to push the coffee out.

7) Relax. Putting on music and calming yourself mentally can help hold the coffee in as well.