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Moodiness and Liver /Brain Detox

Posted by S. Erlich on

The brain cannot function properly with toxins streaming through.  Moodiness, anger, depression, nervousness are all signs that the liver, blood and brain are on toxic overload.   So its time for a coffee enema.   

I have learned that one must be "kind" to the body and be loving towards it.  Never be violent toward your own body and system by polluting it with toxins from cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, junk food, sugar, etc.   Kindess toward yourself comes first, and then you will be able to feel and generate more kindness toward others because your system is clear and working clearly.  Colon cleansing is like creating a straight channel which is clear, to your mind and spirit self.

This is why they call it "Wholeness".  Your system of body , mind and spirit, can flow together and create an inter beingness which is full of light.  Brighter and brighter will be your mind and disposition.   Positivity will increase dramatically and very quickly when you do enemas and drink plenty of nutritious juices.   You will be amazed, and everyone around you will be too.

Do you live in a toxic household where others poison themselves with unhealthy eating?   Well, you can be the leader and show the way.  Sometimes one must put up a great fight to resist habits you know will result in illness.  be a pioneer and without saying anything, but by example, just do your own thing with home enemas, cleansing, and juicing and raw veganism, and they will notice.  Slowly this can affect change in the entire household. Especially when they see how much energy you have and how peaceful!