Posted by Sunny on 29th Jun 2019

Natural Constipation Relief with Aloe Vera Juice

A great way to relieve constipation naturally is by drinking a glass of Aloe Vera Juice, or Aloe Vera Gel in the morning upon awakening.  Aloe Vera Juice contains a slippery substance that instantly coats the colon and the built up hardened poop, allowing it to come right out right after drinking.   What could be more natural!

Aloe vera is a plant from the succulent plant species.  It comes in juice form or gel..  The liquid is created by pressing the flesh of the leaf of the aloe vera plant.   Many people know it as a great way to treat skin problems or burns or sunburns.  But drinking this wonderful plant juice or gel is very soothing to the stomach, and healing, as well as aids in removing constipation quickly!