Posted by Mary C on 27th Jun 2019

Stainless Steel in an Enema Bucket

There are many stainless steel enema buckets on the market today.  Purelife was the pioneer in making quality buckets here in the USA.  All stainless steel enema buckets on the market today come from China. A few come from India.  Is there a difference in quality?   Yes, there is.   Purelife uses only metals mined in the USA.  This is important. In America we have regulations.  But in China or India, you simply dont know where they are getting their stainless steel.  

The other difference is in testing of the stainless steel to insure it is non toxic and contains no lead, mercury, cadmium etc.  The stainless steel in a Purelife Enema Bucket has been tested in a lab and certified to contain none of these toxins.   Some companies state that their chinese bucket is certified, but then again is it? And is it really regulated? Nobody knows for sure.  We do know that many of the companies selling on Google are chinese based companies selling here. 

Another difference is in the quality of the stainless steel enema bucket.  Will it rust?   Purelife's buckets are guaranteed not to rust.  We use a high grade 304 SS. It is a medical quality enema bucket, and not a novelty enema bucket .   

Purelife creates their products for detoxing the body.  And we know how important it is for people to feel they are getting a safe enema bucket for detoxing, and not adding more toxins into the body.

What is the best quality stainless steel enema bucket on the market?  We believe it is the USA made Purelife Stainless Steel Enema Bucket.