Fulvic Ionic Minerals (x350)

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We Highly Recommend Our Fulvic Minerals to Anyone Doing Coffee Enemas.


Coffee Enemas can deplete the body of electrolytes and minerals.  Taking this Fulvic Mineral Supplement will replenish the lost minerals.


Juicing is also important to do!






Fulvic Ionic Minerals (X200 Concentration)



Purelife Health Equipment's favorite for mineral replenishing!  We have hand picked this item to offer to our customers due to its high quality and importance of having minerals after coffee enemas.  Coffee enemas can deplete the body of vital minerals and electrolytes.   Juicing vegetables help in replenishing lost minerals after a coffee enema, but adding a potent source of minerals from this product is very helpful as well.    Bone health is vital and you will feel much better with minerals intact.


All Natural, Plant Based, Water Extracted Fulvic Ionic Minerals are known worldwide as the purest source on Planet Earth! Contains Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, 77 Trace Minerals in their optimal Ionic form, Electrolytes and Amino Acids, and is a multi-directional Antioxidant. Alkaline the body, break the bonds of inorganic matter then transform them into organic matter and remove them from the body, break down salt acids surrounding cell membranes to make them more permeable, transport nutrients into cells, and transport toxins out of cells. The most Pure, Economical and Concentratedform of Fulvic Acid in the world, we guarantee it! A 6 month supply in every 2oz bottle! 



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    best mineral supplement I've tried

    Posted by Jason on 13th Jan 2017

    I feel a lot better when I drink these and I'm able to mix it in water or electrolyte mix without throwing the taste way off. I definitely can tell that I put these drops in my water or other drink, but it's not a bad taste (not a great taste either. It's just a taste). I trust this product and will be ordering again. Oh, btw I haven't done any kind of extensive research trying to find the best possible mineral supplement in the world, I just ordered these originally because I'm doing enemas every day as part of cancer treatment and I figured why not order minerals from the company that sells the products that deplete you of those minerals? I figured if any company is to know a good mineral replacement product, wouldnt the enema company know the best one to order? Kinda like buying a car and then getting repairs done at the dealership, I bought my enema equipment from Pure Life so I decided to get my repairs from it as well (the minerals). And all I know is I feel better when I use this product so it works. I'll be ordering again