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An Enema Nozzle is also called an Enema Tip, or Rectal Nozzle.

It is the part of the enema kit that will be inserted into the rectum.


There are a few different enema nozzle types to choose from. So which enema nozzle is right for you?  

An Enema Nozzle or Enema Tip is what is inserted into the rectum.   It is typically  3 inches long.  It is first attached to the end of your enema tubing, and then is inserted into the rectum.  There is also a longer 5 inch Retention Nozzle, which is designed differently in order to help hold in your enema solution easier.  


What is the Difference Between Enema Nozzles?

The difference is in:  length of the enema nozzle,  material it is made from, and the shape of the nozzle.


Enema Nozzle Length

Straight enema nozzle lengths are  3 inches long.   Tapered enema nozzles are approximately 4 inches.

Enema Retention Nozzles are approximately 5 inches.


Enema Nozzle Material

Silicone Enema Nozzles are made of medical grade silicone. It is a non-toxic material and is usually a soft material with some flexibility.   Silicone can be boiled in water if necessary to resterlize.   

Medical Plastic Nozzles are made of a hard medical plastic.  They are straight and very rigid .   Some people find them easier to insert, but yet some people may find it is too hard and prefer a softer material for insertion. They cannot be re-sterlized in boiling water

Soft Vinyl Nozzles are made of a soft vinyl plastic.  They cannot be re-sterlized in boiling water.


Shape of the Enema Nozzle

Straight Enema Nozzles are just that...straight.   

Tapered Enema Nozzles are tapered at the end, so it is slightly easier to insert as the very end tip is smaller.

Enema Retention Nozzles   are wider than straight or tapered nozzles.  They are shaped in a way that after it is inserted into the rectum, it will help plug the opening of the rectum, which will help you retain the enema solution in, without having to squeeze your sphincter muscle together. It can be a more relaxing way to take the enema without tightening up, and can help hold the solution in. The opening of the retention nozzle is larger than on the traditional 3 inch nozzles.