Silicone Colon Tubes and Connector - 2 Pack - 16" x 16FR

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16" x 16 Fr Medical Silicone Colon Tubes - 2 Pack

Includes 100% Silicone Connector


This colon tube can be used instead of the traditional red latex rubber colon tube.

Silicone will last much longer and is more durable than latex

Can be re-sterilized in boiling water for 4 seconds.  Latex cannot.

 (Will not attach to thin plastic enema tubes that come with plastic enema bucket kits)



  • Re-useable
  • For Going Higher In the Colon to Clean the Colon Walls
  • Slim Insertion For Those With Painful Hemorrhoids
  • Non Toxic Silicone Will Last Years of Use
  • May Help You To Hold In Your Coffee Enema Longer
  • Can Be Re-sterilized in boiling water for 4 seconds
  • Smooth Rounded End For Comfortable Insertion
  • 2 Eyes On Side
  • Slimmer Than A Pencil
  • Fits any 5/16 inch enema hose   (Will not attach to thin plastic enema tubes that come with plastic enema bucket kits)


Purelife Silicone Colon Tubes are strong and re-useable for years. It will last longer than red latex colon tubes.    It is for those who prefer a thinner insertion piece than traditional 3 inch nozzles.  It is for those who want to go higher into the colon to clean than a 3 inch nozzle

Use the silicone connector and connect it to the end of your enema hose.

Translucent silicone is medical grade. It  won't degrade, even after years of use.  It  can be re-sterilized for 4 seconds in  boiling water.   Higher quality than disposable PVC colon tubes, and latex red rubber.

If you want to go higher up in your colon to clean the colon walls, a colon tube like this will do the trick.

If you have hemorrhoids and want a slimmer easier insertion, a colon tube is what you need.

Rounded end for safe, comfortable insertion.  Closed tapered ended with 2 eyes on the side.

This colon tube will come with a connector so you can attach it securely to your enema hose.





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    Silicone tubes

    Posted by Diane Wolf on 13th Mar 2023

    Easy to clean and keep sanitized. Best nozzle my husband and I have used.