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Can Coffee Enemas Help Lyme Disease?

Posted by Uk on

Can Lyme Disease Be Healed?

 Purelife's staff talk to many customers and we know that Lyme Disease is practically an epidemic right now. For those unfamiliar with Lyme Disease, here is a brief rundown on what it is:

The name "Lyme" came from a city called "Lyme" in Connecticut. Lyme is a tick. And ticks are carried by animals. If you are bitten by a lyme carrying animal, the bacteria will enter your body from the animal. You can also be bitten by a tick directly. Ticks come from animals, such as deer, squirrels, raccoons, mice.

Lyme Disease is a Bacteria that can penetrate into all areas of the body.

This bacteria can easily hide from the immune system, and can change itself so that antibiotics can't help to remove them.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Most noticeable will be a rash which starts. Next you may feel achy and have stiff joints. And the onset of flu like symptoms and fever is most predominant.

Traditional Help for Lyme Disease?

The most common prescription a doctor will give for Lyme Disease is a big dose of antibiotics. Up to 30 days worth of antibiotics. Some people will benefit from the antibiotics and the lyme tick will go away.

However, many people will not experience a recovery. For those who did not notice the Lyme symptoms until much later, have a lesser chance of recovery from antibiotics., If left untreated it can easily become a chronic problem in the body causing all sorts of other issues to begin, such as inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, intestinal pain, neurological pain, heartbeat abnormalities, and memory issues. Multiple sclerosis can also be associated with Lyme.

Natural Healing of Lyme Disease

Our customers tell us they have been put on a coffee enema program and have felt the benefit of the coffee enema on Lyme Disease. Some have reported having a diminishing of the ticks when using essential oils in the enema, such as Clove Oil Bud oil. We have reports of people going on Gerson Therapy, which is coffee enemas and a strict dietary change, and have been very successful in removing the ticks and bacteria. Customers used castor oil enemas as well to flush out the ticks.

Glass Enema Buckets Are Best When Using Coffee or Essential Oil in an Enema

After being on Gerson Therapy, people reported a 100% healing from Lyme and the return of optimal health!

Yes it is possible to heal naturally from Lyme using Gerson Therapy or adhering to a strict natural protocol of enemas and diet!

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