Can I Use Store Bought Coffee For An Enema?

Posted by Sunny on 13th Aug 2019

Can I Use Store Bought Coffee For An Enema?

Despite what some people may say about using store bought coffee for a coffee enema, the truth is that store bought coffee is not "enema specific" coffee which is grown and prepared in a way that will eliminate chemicals, toxins, mold and fungus which can be found in or on your coffee.   "Enema specific" coffee is specifically for enema use and liver detoxification because of its efficiency at detoxing the liver as well.   

Here are the main difference between Purelife "Enema Specific" Coffee and store bought:

Store Bought:

  • Not double-certified organic.   Without double certification, as Purelife Enema Coffee has, you may be getting coffee which has slipped through the certification system and is not really 100% organic.  The USDA does certify, but it is not a thorough certification.  That is why a second certifying agency is important to make sure that the coffee has not been grown in adulterated soil, has not been processed in a facility with chemicals, and has not been sprayed.  Our second certifying agency does a checking on the first certification and much more, to make sure that no chemicals are in the coffee.
  • It is not "Air" roasted.  Store bought is fire roasted and drum roasted.  Purelife's special Air roasting is a very different process for roasting the beans.  With store-bought coffee using the fire method, beans have a good chance of being burned, since the skin of the bean is burned off.    The fire burns the skin, leaving a residue in the coffee, which can produce carcinogenic material, which is not healthy for your liver.  
  • Store bought fire roasted coffee will not remove the chaff from your bag of coffee.   Chaff is an unwanted material that you dont want in your enema coffee.   With air roasting the Purelife method, their is no chaff. It is seperated in our air roaster and discarded.  Chaff has no benefit to the body in an enema. 
  • Store bought is not mold or fungus free.   Purelife Enema Coffee purchases a specialty grade bean, which is in the top 3% class of beans, which will have no mold or fungus.   Coffee easily attracts mold and fungus.  Purelife is aware of this.
  • Store bought coffee is not enema specific.   The manufacturers of store bought think you will only be drinking this and are not concerned with how pure it is.  Purelife specializes in enema coffee, and we know this will be going direct to your liver. We produce products to detoxify your body.  You dont want any more toxins going into your body via tainted coffee.
  • Store bought coffee may have been roasted in a roaster or facility which also roasts nuts, and grains, which people can be allergic to.  Purelife roasts only organic coffee in our facility and there is no chance of any contamination, such as gluten, peanuts, etc.
  • Store-bought coffee is not necessarily fresh.   Purelife roasts enema coffee fresh daily. You receive your coffee in a matter of days after roasting.