Posted by UK on 12th Dec 2018

Do Coffee Enemas Affect The Body The Same As Drinking Coffee?

Coffee enemas work by opening the bile ducts in the liver, where all the toxins are stored up.  The toxins are flushed out of the liver and bloodstream and that is why you feel better after.

Drinking coffee will have a completely different effect on the body and system than coffee enemas.  As you may know, drinking coffee can make you jittery, increase your heart rate, cause you to be nervous, causes sleeplessness, and much more.  But coffee enemas wont do this.

This is the difference between drinking coffee and using coffee in an enema:

When you drink coffee, it goes down through the intestinal system entirely. 

When you take a coffee enema:   The coffee is limited to entering the lower area of the large bowel.  And when you do a coffee enema, keep it in the lower bowel area. Do not do a high volume enema using coffee. 

Will I Be Nervous After a Coffee Enema?

For most people, coffee enemas will not make them nervous after.  But for a few it can cause very light nervousness, because a small amount of coffee will enter the bloodstream.

 So it is best to do the coffee enema in the morning.