Posted by sunny on 20th Aug 2019

How To Clean a Silicone Enema Bag

Silicone enema bags are not like the drug-store version of rubber enema bags.   How do they differ?

1) Silicone enema bags will have a wider mouth which gives you the ability to clean inside the enema bag.

    Drugstore red latex waterbottle/ enema bags do not have this option.  And that is an important option to have!  

    You have to be able to clean inside your enema bag!  If you don't, you are setting yourself up for mold which

    loves to grow inside the dark moist environment of a water bottle or enema bag.

I have had people tell me they cut open their red latex rubber enema bag they bought at the drugstore, and found it was completely black with ....well, probably mold.  You dont want mold in your body.

Another difference is the material.   Red Rubber latex is going to break down over time and then you would start getting the rubber in your enema water.   Silicone , on the other hand, is very, very durable and wont break down. The particles will not break down.  They use this material in hospital settings as it can withstand very high heat.

About Cleaning Your Silicone Enema Bag

1)  Never use harsh chemicals or detergents in your enema bag to clean.  Especially bleach.   

2)  Always use a non toxic soap, such as Bonner's soap, or Coconut Oil Soap for mild washing the bag and tubing and nozzles.

3)  Grapefruit Seed Extract is also an excellent cleaner, which is going to give you more bacterial disinfectant action inside.   And if you use oils in your bag, it would be the first choice for that.   

4)  We dont recommend using essential oils in your silicone enema bag or any enema bag.  It will be hard to clean off.  For oils, use our glass enema buckets, or stainless steel.

5)  Coffee will stain your silicone enema bag and tubing slightly, so dont worry if you see the translucent color changing to a slight brownish tint.

6)  You should always dry your enema bag and tubing after.    Purelife has a great enema tubing brush for cleaning and drying your tubing.  

We really recommend this brush as it works great to remove water droplets that can accumulate inside your enema tubing. If water drops are not removed, you can see mold grow on the droplet.   So a brush is a good idea.