23rd Jun 2018

Balancing Electrolytes and Minerals After A Coffee Enema

A very important part of the coffee enema program is to replenish your body with electrolytes, minerals and nutrients after a coffee enema.  Why? Because you may lose some minerals after a coffee enema.  Very important is to drink freshly juiced organic juices for every coffee enema.  So that is 3 - 8 ounces juices throughout the day.

Next, you can add potassium compound salt to your diet, as well as Fulvic Minerals.  We sell both of these.

Doing all of this will keep your electrolytes and minerals intact and you will never feel depleted.  

Gerson has stressed the dire importance of juicing after coffee enemas, and I know for a fact it is true.

If you are feeling tired after doing a coffee enema program, it is because you are lacking electrolytes and minerals and nutrients.

Having a shot of wheatgrass juice powder during the day is also going to give you a boost.