22nd Oct 2017

Imports vs USA Made Enema Buckets

Choosing your enema equipment is an important decision.  Don't be fooled.   The market is flooded with cheap, lesser grade imports from China and India. A lesser grade stainless steel than stainless steel which comes from the USA and is manufactured here. The standards are different.   You get what you pay for.  Many people buy an enema bucket based on the photo they see. But when they receive it, they are very disappointed in the actual quality.    Purelife Health Equipment began producing high quality enema buckets in 2010 because we saw the need for a higher quality, safer bucket.  After all, what's in the bucket will be going into your body.    And when it comes to having a trustworthy bucket that is safe and high quality, as well as materials tested by NSF,  Purelife Enema Buckets win hands down.  American Doctor's buy our enema buckets for their patients because it is a quality they can trust for their patients.  They will last a lifetime without rusting.