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Coffee Enemas For Inflammation

Posted by Lila on

Studies now reveal, detrimental bacterial products named "endotoxins"  are able to "leak" through and enter the bloodstream.   Endotoxins are "toxins".

 Our immune system is designed to recognize these foreign molecules and begins an attack against them, resulting in a chronic inflammatory response.   It is "overkill" and unfortunately your body can experience too much inflammation as a result.

This diet-induced inflammation may trigger insulin resistance (driving type 2 diabetes), obesity,  fatty liver disease, and has been strongly linked to many of the world's most serious diseases

This is a new research that is rapidly growing in knowledge. It is not quite clear yet how much of an effect it has on our systems, but we know that it does. 

 Inflammation is a reactive response of the immune system to toxins, and foreign invaders.

 Inflammation is not a bad thing.   It is very important in order for  immune cells to function and alerting the body that an attack is needed against the foreign invaders (pollution), and toxins, so that repair fo the damaged tissues or organs can occur. 

Take a mosquito. You get bit. You will see redness appear and maybe swelling. That is your normal immune system response.

Inflammation is a positive occurence.  Otherwise, if you did not have inflammation, your system would be easily overwhelmed by viruses, toxins and you would die.


 Inflammation that is damaging to your system occurs when it is active 24-7. The over reaction is so severe that your entire body can be affected.  There are 3 classes of damaging inflammation:  chronic inflammation, low-grade inflammation, or systemic inflammation .

 Blood vessels would be affected.  Blood vessels are thin channels and be inflamed.  Your brain can be inflamed as well.  Brain inflammation is responsible for headaches or migraines.


Research is now showing that inflammatory response can be the cause of many diseases.  


Coffee enemas clear out the bad stuff, which is causing your body to over react.  Once toxins, bacteria, heavy metals, fungus, yeast and candida is removed from the digestive tract, your inflammatory response will go down.  You will start to feel better fast.  Your liver is also cleared of bacteria and toxins.  Yes, your liver holds onto the toxins and cannot release it .  Coffee enemas will enable your liver to release the toxins.  


Yes. Purelife Enema Coffee is "Enema Specific".  This means you are getting coffee that is manufactured with the specific purpose of going into the colon and liver and blood stream to detox your system.  Enema Coffee has to be clean. Very clean.  It has to have enough caffeine to open the bile ducts in the liver to clean them out.

Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed produce, and that is why you need Purelife Enema Coffee. 


Research into the effects of probiotics is offering more insight into their ability to moderate immune response and aid in decreasing inflammation. The Arthritis Foundation acknowledges recent research that revealed the anti-inflammatory properties of Bifidobacterium infantis in reducing arthritis symptom.

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